Mingus Springs Charter School Staff

Since our school opened its doors in 1995, we’ve treated every student like they are a part of our family. Meet the incredible staff that allows us to have such a great impact on our community and students.

Teaching Staff

Melissa Markgraf – Kindergarten Teacher

Cierra McMahon – 1st Grade Teacher

Tisha Hill – 2nd Grade Teacher

Desiree Davidson – 3rd Grade Teacher

Susie Cornwall – 4th Grade Teacher

Erendira Acosta – 5th Grade Teacher

Mr. Akans  – 6th Grade Teacher

Tasha Weeks – 7th Grade Teacher

Samantha Kapele – 8th Grade Teacher

Preston Boyd – Physical Education

Sue Nelson – S.T.E.M  Instructor


Special Education

Dr. Nicole Burdett– Special Education Director

Melissa Celaya – Special Education Teacher

Karla Figueroa – Paraprofessional

Anna Morales – Paraprofessional

Lynda Morrow – Paraprofessional

Blythe White – Paraprofessional

Valerie Keyes – Paraprofessional 

Sue Nelson – Paraprofessional




Administrative Staff

Melissa Hunter – Director/Principal

Naomi Akans – Assistant Principal

Valerie Snow – Administrative Secretary

Stephanie Nichols – Attendance Secretary


Kitchen Staff

Shannon Kerr – Kitchen Manager

Shannon Collier – Kitchen Assistant




Peggy Evans



Brian Herring 

Dorota Theme


Bus Driver

Shannon Collier