We Believe in Balance

We believe in balance of a well rounded curriculum, a variety of teaching methods and addressing individual student learning styles. 

Teachers ensure that the AZ College & Career Ready Standards are taught thrughout the curriculum.

Covid-19 Notice

Our Curriculum is always staying up to date and ever changing. COVID-19 does create some obstacles for our school, but it does not stop us from providing the most for our students. This year each student will receive their own personal Chrome Book to eliminate any possibility of spreading COVID, while making sure each student has the tools to succeed this school year. Traditional in school teaching and some traditional areas of the carriculum will not proceed until further notice.

Math & Science

For grades K- 8th we supplement “Pearson” education methods. Pearson believes where learning flourishes, so do people. Learn more about Pearson.

English / Language Arts

“Reading Street” is a program utilized in our K-5 classrooms. Learn More about “Reading Street” by SAVVAS learning company.

Our 6-8 grade classrooms use Pearson’s “Perspective” program for english along with a combination of Literature studies.

Independent Reading Programs

Accelerated Reader Program (all grade levels)

Accelerated reader is an independent reading program used to encourage the joys of reading for fun and adventure. Quarterly, reading goals are created and rewards are earned.

Million Reader Program

Our 3rd – 8th grade students are encouraged to patricipate in the Million Word Reader program. Million Word readers are honored at a banquet and rewarded with an off-campus excursion. The top reader for the year will receive a kindle at the end of the year.


Each student is provided with a school issued Chromebook to use in class.


Physical Education is currently unavailable.