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Allow me introduce you to our Director, Mrs. Dawn Gonzales. With more than 25 years in the education field and working on her second Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. She has considerable knowledge in the education system and is a superb administrator. Mrs. Gonzales is supported with a first class office staff; Mrs. Valerie Snow, Registrar and Mrs. Susan Siegfried, Administrative Secretary. Our knowledgeable staff of teachers includes: Mrs. Karen Robinson, Kindergarten, Mrs. Susie Cornwall ,1st Grade, Mrs. Julia Kervin 2nd Grade, Mrs.. Susan Romney 3rd Grade, Mrs. Naomi Akans 4th Grade, Mr. Don Adams 5th Grade, Mrs. Jennifer Hachmann 6th Grade, Mrs.. Verna Kyles 7th Grade, Mr. Travis Button 8th Grade. Paraprofessionals in the classrooms are: Mrs. Sunshine Brubaker, Mrs. Carla Audis, Mrs. Anna Morales, and Ms. Stephanie Nichols who is also the Sped Office Secretary. Adrienne Leckliter is our SPED Director in charge of that department. ​Mr. Gerald Espeseth is our bus driver, Mr. Jerry to the kids. Mr. Bill Hanns keeps everything running smoothly and tidy on campus. We also have our own library on campus, a computer lab and offer P.E. twice a week for all classes. Please see the Library/Computer/P.E. tab.

Thank you for reading a little about us, if you want more information please write or call.

Ms. Sue