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Mingus Springs Charter School has it's very own library on campus. It contains well over 20,000 books that range from Pre-K to adult reading levels. The books are accessible to all of our students, parents and staff. A Reference and Resource section for students, parents and staff to use. Accelerated Reader books are the mainstay of our library program. Students are required to participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. By reading books at their level students earn points to spend at the AR Store at the end of each quarter. Students set reading goals each semester with their teacher. Students that reach their goal are treated by the Principal, Dawn Gonzales to a Reward Day.

Students attend P.E. class twice each week. Please make sure you children wear appropriate attire and shoes so they can participate on their assigned day.

There is a computer lab with enough computers for an entire classroom on campus where teachers can take their students to for assignments and research.